Complete Grow Kits


Complete Grow Tent Kits

After years of serving the needs of indoor growers nationwide, we decided to come up with an affordable, self contained, complete hydroponic grow kit for growers who would like to start growing plants hydroponically.

We’ve listened to our customers and we know that many have the desire to reap the benefits of growing hydroponically but are often times frustrated and confused by all the different products available.

We’ve answered the call by putting together a complete, turn-key system that gives growers everything they need to start growing a successful and enjoyable hydroponic garden today! We’ve combined a Grow Tent, Grow Light, Hydroponic System, Premium Hydroponic Nutrients and the proper ventilation/circulation equipment that takes the guess work out of getting set-up allowing you to get growing!

Enjoy massive yields with our Hydroponic Indoor Grow Kits!

600 Watt grow Kit Coco
600 Watt grow kit Hydro
400 Watt grow kit Coco
400 Watt grow kit Hydro