CFL Grow Lights

CFL Grow Lights (Compact Fluorescent Lamps)

CFL Grow Lights have been used successfully by many growers as a complete light source for their plants.

Although the limited power output of CFL grow lights can restrict their effectiveness in larger growing environments, they are well proven in smaller growing areas (1m x 1m or less), especially during the vegetative stage of plant growth.

There are several benefits to using CFLs over HIDs in small or confined growing areas:

  • Less heat output makes for easier environmental control
  • Less power consumption makes for cheaper energy bills
  • Can be placed closer to plants giving extra space in confined environments
It is worth noting however that if you have sufficient heat control in your grow room then for the flowering / fruiting stages we recommend using a HPS grow light for optimum results. As a supplementary light source CFL grow lights also work extremely well as a supplementary light source, especially for adding blue spectrum for extra plant health. Most HID lights offer impressive levels of penetration, but some light will be lost and will fail to reach the lower areas of your plants, especially if those plants have fairly thick vegetation on top. In these circumstances, the low heat output of a 125W grow light allows for them to be easily hung in a grow room at a low height, directly amongst your plants. Any shortage of light from HIDs will be compensated for by your CFLs, providing the extra light needed to ensure healthy growth.