1000 watt phillips son-t hps lamp


1000 watt phillips son-t hps lamp

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1000 watt phillips son-t hps lamp

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Product Description

1000w Philips Son-T-Plus High Pressure Sodium Light – a great horticulture bulb ideal for the flowering and fruiting stages of plants growth. This Sodium Lamp generates light in the orange – red spectrum and is ideal for the flowering stage of a plants life cycle. Used as part of a two-lamp strategy (combined with a blue spectrum Metal Halide for the vegetative stage), the results are Amazing

The high pressure sodium lamps consist of a clear tube-shaped outer balloon made of hard glass and a tube that neutralizes made of sinted aluminiumoxide and an integrated antenna. The neutralizing tube is filled with fossil gasses and a certain dosage of natrium under high pressure. The fossil gas is a starting gas in the process of neutralization and contributes to the light during the burning of the gasses. The antenna ensures less premature failure, greater reliability and elongation of the life span of the service.The zircon/aluminium getter ensures improved light production and greater reliability. Application Assimilation lighting Qualities Meant for the improvement of the CO assimilation for a bettered photosynthesis and growth of the plant.

We recommend that lamps are replaced every 12 months, after 12 months there is an appreciable drop in the lumen output leading to a reduction in crop yield.

The Philips Son T Plus HPS bulb fits any standard E40 Holder.

130,000 lumens

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