Adjust-A-Wings Hellion 6-750w Grow Light Kit


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Product Description

Introducing the New 600-750W HELLION DE-HPS Illumination Kit

Finally, a DE-HPS Grow Light that Fits!

This professional horticultural lighting solution allows all indoor growers to enjoy the benefits of DE-HPS grow lamps without any of the drawbacks commonly associated with high-wattage DE-HPS lamps housed in deep-dish “greenhouse-style” reflectors. These benefits include: increased efficiency, higher output, improved lighting spectrum, PAR maintenance (longer working lamp life), larger yields and higher quality produce.

  •  Can be positioned extremely close to plants without causing burning
  • Highly efficient 400v technology for maximum light output per watt
  • Adjustable reflector positions and lamp heights to optimise the light spread
  • PAR output of up to 1500 µmols
  • Perfect for 2-metre-high grow tents and areas with low ceiling height
  • Comes with a Super Spreader to diffuse heat
  • Super lightweight and easy to set up
  • Switchable between three different power settings: 450w-600w and 750w

Designed to Perform Perfectly in Harmony with the Most Demanding Plants
The HELLION DE-HPS can sit comfortably at just 45cm above your plant canopy without burning your plants! So now you can deliver the uniform light intensity your plants desire without causing them heat stress in the process.
Everything You Need to Start Growing Efficiently
The 600-750W HELLION DE-HPS Illumination Kit contains:

  • Adjust-A-Wings Medium Defender Double-Parabolic Reflector
  • HELLION DE-HPS Lamp socket
  • HELLION Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Electronic Ballast (450 – 600 – 750W)
  • HELLION 600-750W DE-HPS Lamp
  • Two lamp cords (short and long) to support remote or on-board e-ballast placement
  • Power cord
  • Super Spreader (Heat deflector)