Alien EasyFeed XL 36 Pot System

easyfeed 36 pot

Alien EasyFeed XL 36 Pot System


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Product Description

The Alien EasyFeed is a revolutionary irrigation and hydroponic system that uses gravity to water soil, coco or any type of substrate. No water pumps or plug sockets required

EasyFeed has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the soil/coco grower.

This system does not require electricity or water pumps. It is simply gravity fed from any water butt or tank.

EasyFeed uses 16mm feed pipe instead of the conventional 4mm pipe, so clogging is now a thing of the past.

The EasyFeed Battery Operated Water Timer allows you to control the watering frequency. Choose from hourly, daily, every two or three days or even once a week watering options. Your even, consistent feeding schedule allows the substrate to partially dry between watering cycles, this combined with our breathable fabric pots drastically increases oxygen to the root zone.

The EasyFeed fabric pots are made of a high quality breathable fabric which allows air pruning of the roots. When a root is air pruned, it stimulates secondary roots to branch out therefore increasing your root mass.