AromOzone 200mm

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AromOzone 8″ 1 cell

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Product Description

8″ Aromozone

The AromOzone AZ108 is a single electrode cold cathode Ozone generator suitable for a 8″ ducting system.

The electrodes runs at a stable temperature of 20.1 degrees C and the transformer at 20.8 degre

The AromOzone AZ-108 is intended to fit inline in to your ducting system and although it is designed to fit a 8″ fan only, it is possible to duct up from a 4, 5 or 6″ fan to fit, however we would strongly advise any customer from ducting down on this model, rather they should buy the appropriate Aromozone solution.

The Aromozone inline solution must only be operated when the fan is switched on and requires a minimum of 10 meters of ducting before expelling outside of the environment to allow ozone to breakdown, this can be coiled round, it needs this to enable enough time for the ozone to bind.

We would advise always to run these systems on half power to establish needs then if only required, turn to full power if odors or mould is increased.

Eliminates odor, mould, bacteria, smoke as well as other pathogens.

  • Market leader in ozone production
  • Total odour control
  • Tested at 100% humidity
  • Annihilates more bacteria and smell than anything on the market today
  • Produces more ozone than the competators
  • Draws less electricity than its competators
  • Varible settings
  • Wont effect your fans performance
  • Uk built and designed by former leading rolls royce engineer
  • No filter needed