Biobizz All Mix 50l



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Bio-Bizz All-Mix is an organic soil mix it contains an effective blend of soil (20%), compost (35%), worm castings (10%) and Perlite (30%) as well as a special 'pre-mix' (5%) of biologically active organic ingredients that have been fermented for a month to create a potent mixture.

Bio-Bizz All-Mix is the most popular brand of soil mix and has been developed to be the best potting soil for organic cultivation and has been a market leader for many years.

All·Mix is a high quality, heavily pre-fertilised soil mixture,  It has been designed to be on par with rich outdoor soil with a full micro active eco system, but in such a way that it has enough power to sustain lush plant growth for a couple of weeks with no additional fertiliser required.

100% organic - OMRI and SKAL certified.

Highly recommended for any gardener looking for a top quality soil!