canna calmag 1 litre

Canna CalMag Agent 1L


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Product Description

Canna CalMag Agent 1 Litre

The new Canna CalMag Agent helps to harden soft water, by introducing additional levels of Calcium and Magnesium to a nutrient solution.

Soft water has a typical EC reading of approximately 0.2, the optimum level for strong and healthy plant growth is between 0.4 to 0.7. By using Canna CalMag Agent, it will not only add much needed calcium and magnesium, it will also raise the EC to the required level, so improve the plant’s nutrient absorption, resulting in stronger, healthier plants with enhanced fruit and flower production.

Usually hard water (EC>0.8) contains more calcium and magnesium than the plant can handle. When you’re growing plants, the best way to treat this kind of water is to use a reverse osmosis(R.O.) filter and then mix your hard water with the R.O. water, until you reach an EC level of 0.4. Or, more easily, you can use 100% R.O. water and then use CANNA CALMAG AGENT to raise your EC level to 0.4.