Canna Hydro Flores 5 Litre ( A+B )

hydro flore 5

Canna Hydro Flores 5 Litre ( A+B )


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Product Description

CANNA Hydro Flores is a complete professional nutrient for the flowering phase of plants. It is specially developed for growing in inert run-to-waste systems.

Advantages of CANNA Hydro Flores

  • Hydro Flores is directly available for the plant and consists of a correct composition of nutrients, which is crucial during the flowering phase.
  • Hydro Flores takes into account that less nitrogen is needed, for example, but an increased need for potassium and phosphor occurs.
  • In addition, the unique formula of Hydro Flores is rich in chelated trace elements in a directly absorbable form. This results in an exuberant bloom.
  • Designed for run-to-waste hydroponic systems
  • For use in the vegetative cycle
  • Developed for hard water areas
  • Fantastic results with Canna boosters and additives


Please specify hard water or soft water when ordering

Additional Information

Weight 12 kg

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