CarboAir 50 100 330

CarboAir Carbon Filter 150mm x 330mm

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Product Description

CarboAir 50mm Carbon Filters

The CarboAir 50 has been developed to filter VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from smaller grow room environments

CarboAir tested multiple sizes of filter beds and carbon and have designed the perfect carbon filters to meet the demands of the customer. The carbon used in CarboAir filters is the purest virgin activated carbon and is certified to be used in applications for human consumption so no heavy metals

The CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter has a 50mm bed of virgin activated granular carbon. It is the best filter for normal use in smaller grow rooms. A 50mm bed of carbon is perfect for the smaller grow tent/room. It offers excellent filtration of air without compromising air flow.

  • Max air flow 600m3/h
  • 55.5% open mesh
  • Quality handmade in the EU
  • Hanging brackets
  • Comes with a machine washable pre-filter
  • 18 month guarantee
  • 30mm larger then other filters