Cultilene Large Propagator Cubes Full Tray 35mm


Cultilene Large Propagator Cubes Full Tray 35mm


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Product Description

Rockwool cubes are used for the propagation of seeds or cuttings. Rockwool retains alot of water and the cubes have a hole pre made for your cuttings or seeds.

  • Traditional and trusted Propagation medium
  • 35mm square cubes – ideal for starting seeds or rooting cuttings
  • Pre made hole in centre for ease of use
  • Fits into the large hole 3″ and 4″ Rockwool cubes
  • Economical and reliable
  • Tray of 77 cubes fit most large propagators

For best results, soak the rockwool cubes in nutrient solution such as Canna Start or water which has been pH adjusted to about 5.5 and sat for 24 hours. Before use, squeeze out excess nutrient solution. Your cuttings can then be placed directly into the pre-soaked cubes. Once your cuttings are rooted they can be potted into soil, coco or a larger rockwool cube ready for a hydroponics system.

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