Dutch Pro Explode 1 Litre


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Product Description

Dutch Pro Explode is a pre blossom enhancer, to give the plant in full bloom all the nutrients it needs in the flower phase. Dutch Pro Explode consists of several micro-nutrients, vitamins and acids, that will give the plant an explosive hardening of the fruits. Explode also improves the photosynthetic process and increases your plant’s resistance against fungi- and bacteria related diseases. The high-quality components will be completely absorbed by the plant and leave no residue behind.

Extra Information
During the bloom stage a plant is getting ready to pollinate. A plant will do so by producing blossoms so pollen can be transferred to fertilize a female plant.

Plants get their energy by a process called ‘Photosynthesis’. Hereby a plant produces its energy using energy from light, carbon dioxide from the air, and water & nutrients from the substrate. Only green leaves, that contain enough chlorophyll will take part in the photosynthetic process and creates glucose. A nutrient deficiency in the bloom stage, where your leaves turn yellow and the amount of chlorophyll decreases, is a problem for the plant and will slow the plant down resulting in a decreased yield.

Explode makes sure that a plant get all the necessary nutrients it needs for an explosive hardening of the blossom. It increases a plant’s resistance against fungi- and bacteria related diseases.

Explode also stimulates the production of green pigment and the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves. This improves the photosynthetic process. Chlorophyll turns water and nutrients into glucose. This with the result that light, carbon dioxide, and water & nutrients are being transformed in even more glucose, so that your blossom and fruits increase explosively in weight and taste.

  • Stimulates an explosive hardening of the flowers
  • Improves strength and resistance against diseases
  • Increases the amount of glucose produced
  • Optimal nutrient uptake by the plant
  • Suitable for every grow system
  • No residue left behind
  • No need for any extra pk products

Add Dutch Pro Explode at the following rate

weeks 3&4 0.5ml – 1 litre

weeks 5&6 1ml – 1 litre

week 7&8 1.5ml – 1 litre.

Always mix the solution well after adding any nutrients.

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