ecothrive coco premium

Ecothrive Coco Pro Premium


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Product Description

Ecothrive Coco Pro Premium will Get your plants off to a flying start every time . This unique, top-tier coconut coir potting mix comes complete with Ecothrive Charge pre-blended at the perfect ratio for an unbeatable biological boost—just when your plants need it the most. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of Ecothrive Charge straight out of the bag with Ecothrive Coco.

Powered by Charge

Ecothrive Coco uses RHP certified, buffered coco that has been pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge at 2% by volume. This mixing ratio makes it ideal for almost all applications.

Easy to Use

Simply pour out the bag into a pot, break any compressed lumps, settle the mix by tapping edges and base of pot, and plant up.

  • For best results use Ecothrive Biosys on each potting stage, and once every 1-2 weeks
  • Speeds up vegetative growth times
  • Contains an even pre blended mix of Charge at 2%
  • Ready to go straight out of the bag
  • Premium-grade coco that’s fully buffered
  • Helps prevent disease

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