diffuseair200 (1)

G.A.S DiffuseAir 200mm


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Product Description

The DiffuseAir system will pull air in from the top of your grow room and push it out above the canopy moving air between your grow lights and the plants.

This approach is ideal for reducing temperature microclimates in both ventilated and closed loop grow rooms.

If you have a square grow room, one centrally mounted DiffuseAir system can replace all other air movement fans.

You can also attach a carbon filter to the fan inlet to act as an air scrubber, reducing dust.mold spores and odour.

  • Aerodynamically efficient
  • Proven technology
  • Ceiling hung for more grow space
  • Improved environment = improved yields
  • DiffuseAir 200 with the RVK 200 A1 is designed for a grow room 2.4m x 2.4m x 2m


The DiffuseAir system can be used as the distribution point for your fresh input air supply. Mixing all the air in your grow room.

Simply attach ducting to the fan and pull in the fresh air from your desired location, such as fresh air from outside, allowing the DiffuseAir to act as your climate cooling intake fan, distributing co2 rich air where your plants need it.