DiffuseAir with rvk fitted

G.A.S DiffuseAir complete kit 125mm


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Product Description

This DiffuseAir kit gives you all the parts required for a complete DiffuseAir set-up. Air diffusers do the same job as your pedistal fan, but in a better way. Instead of directing air movement straight at plants, it spreads it evenly around your grow area, preventing issues with windburn and eliminating microclimates ( hotspots ).

  • Complete kit including DiffuseAir, RVK and Rope Ratchets
  • Maintains a consistent environment right the way through the grow area (no hotspots)
  • Designed by the expert growers at Global Air Supplies, partners of Systemair
  • Aerodynamically efficient
  • Designed to pair up perfectly with RVK fans
  • Can be used for distributing air from your intake fan or for mixing air within the grow room
  • Takes up no floor space (more space for plants!)