EC Controller

G.A.S. Digital EC Fan Controller


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Product Description

Take control of your ventilation system, EC fan controllers monitor the temperature and intelligently control your EC fans to maintain a constant grow environment.
There is no humming or buzzing from your fan when you use the G.A.S EC fan controllers.

The GAS digital EC fan controller provides the ultimate control over your grow environment.
This controller not only thermostatically controls your intake and exhaust fans, but reacts intelligently to changes in temperature. The Reactive Temperature Technology ‘RTT’ actively monitors and adjusts fan speed. This saves energy and reduces wear on your ventilation system. The EC fan controller can be coupled to a fan balancer to give you the ultimate control over your intake and exhaust fans.

  • No humming from the fans
  • Save on power cost
  • Precise climate room control
  • Shows minimum and maximum temperature
  • Switch between ºC and ºF
  • Plugs directly into Systemair’s EC fan range

Reactive Temperature Technology (RTT) is a brand new technology developed specially for indoor climate rooms. The controller has a built-in microchip that stands guard over your climate room. If there is a sudden spike in temperature the controller will react quickly, stabilising the temperature. If there is a small rise in temperature, the controller will increase the fan speed gradually.