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Gavita E-Series Pro 1000e / Mammoth Tent Kit


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Product Description

Mammoth Tents and Gavita have combined forces to create four perfectly proportioned tents that provide optimal light uniformity.

This bundle contains:

1 x Gavita Pro Line E-series 1000 DE UK Fixture including the Gavita M110 DE SR Reflector

The Gavita pro line e-series remote ballasts and complete fixtures are the new generation of professional grow lights.Still using the high output 400v horticultural high frequency lamps.The e-series ballasts are capable of being remote controlled by gavita master controllers.

With Gavita You willget 10 – 25% higher Light output against conventional HPS They are very simple to set up. You dont need a contactor or timer if you use a Gavita Master Controller.

Your lights will automatically switch on and off at your chosen time. When in sunrise and sunset mode, this happens over a 30 minute period.
1 x Gavita Master Controller EL1 UK

The Gavita EL1 Master Controllers are designed for controlling Gavita indoor lighting systems. Now you can communicate with your ballasts directly via controller cables. The Master Controller system switches up to 40 ballasts and comes with an easy-to use interface and a clear display. You can also divide the 40 ballasts between two rooms in alternating 12-12 cycles. The EL1 comes with a host of features that will increase safety, eliminate inrush current and lower the chances of experiencing growing issues.
1 x Gavita Mammoth Elite HC G1 (1.1 x 1.8 x 2.4m)

The all new Mammoth Gavita tents are designed specifically to be used in conjunction with the 1000w Gavita light fixtures.

The rectangular shape of the Mammoth tents is the perfect size and shape to make the most of the footprint of the Gavita lights. These tents tower over the usual 200cm at 240cm high. This extra height allows you to hang the Gavita lights at their suggested distance (90cm) without compromising the height of your crop. These sturdy built tents are easily constructed by one person and come with a fully water-proof lining to contain any spillages that may occur and a thick light proof outer cover to stop any light leaks.