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Gavita Pro 600W 400V EL SE Lamp

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Product Description

Gavita Pro 600W 400V EL SE Lamp

The GAVITA lamp will lose 5% of light after 12 months, To keep your yield consistant replace your lamp every 12 months.

  • This lamp can be used with the 600W 400V GAVITA Pro Complete Lighting System.
  • Gavita Lamps will retain 95% of their light over a year
  • 600W high frequency horticultural lamp
  • Up to 8% more grow light & up to 10% higher yields
  • Life expectancy of 5,000 hrs
  • Amazing light maintenance of 95% after a year
  • Incredible PAR output: 1120 μmol
  • Lumens: 85.000
  • Quartz glass outer bulb for perfect photosensitive quality
  • Use with high frequency, 400V electronic ballasts (GAVITA Pro series)
  • 3 year warranty on GAVITA products