GHC Progrow Multifan Controller 5.4 amp

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GHC Progrow Multifan Controller 5.4 amp


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Product Description

The MULTIFAN Controller/Balancer is a one of a kind digital fan control unit with temperature, humidity and light sensors. It has the ability to run all AC and/or EC fans.

The GHC Progrow is the most versatile fan speed controller on the market. Years of research and development have gone into making a controller, which intelligently manages fan speeds and maintaining optimal conditions. The ProGrow detects when your lights go on/off with its light sensor, and the software ensures that temperatures move up and down as smoothly as possible, creating a more natural transition between day and night.

The ProGrow has LED indicators that indicate the current fan speed, while the unit is actively making changes. There’s also a warning light that tells you if there’s an issue with the sensor equipment, or if the temperatures have been too far outside of your chosen settings for longer than half an hour.

  • Can be used with AC and EC fans in any combination
  • Compatible with practically any duct fan, whether it’s an AC (standard) or an EC fan (digital)
  • Allows you to set temperature and humidity settings for both day and night periods
  • Super quiet – generates no buzzing or humming
  • Built-In balancer that allows you to regulate the difference between your intake and extraction
  • Ideal for use with Hyper Fans and Revolution Vector ECs
  • Optional humidity assistant that increases fan speeds when necessary to reduce excess humidity
  • Comes with a combined temperature, humidity & light sensor
  • LED display and easy-to-use interface
  • Comes with hanging brackets
  • 3 metre power cable