GreenPower Pro 2 Way Contactor Timer 13amp

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Product Description

Green Power Contactors safely and reliably switch lighting ballasts and fans on and off according to the time set on the contactors timer.

Plants need a period of darkness so most growers will set a timer to turn their grow lights on and off at specific times. The HPS grow lamps generate a large spike in electricity when switching on. Without a contactor the electrical surge travels through the timer and is enough to burn out the timer which will leave your plants in light/darkness until switched back manually.

each of the green power contactors sockets are individually switchable so you dont need to run all the grow lights all the time.

  • Made from steel
  • Galvanised wall mountable
  • Built in grasslin timers
  • UK designed and built
  • 2 year warranty

the Green Power contactors for 12 to 28 lights are heavy duty contactors which send power to the ballasts bank by bank to avoid big electrical surges.

  • Circuit breakers
  • Time delays to protect ballasts in the event of short power failures
  • Battery reserve on the timer