v20 air pump

Hailea High Volume Air Pump V20


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Product Description

Hailea High Volume Air Pump V20

The Hailea V Series air pumps are manufactured to an extremely high standard and deliver high volumes of air to increase oxygen levels in your nutrient solution.

A tough metal case protects the internals as well as keeping noise levels to a minimum. Rubber feet are also fitted to remove unwanted vibrations.

Ideal for larger hydroponic or aquatic purposes, the V series from Hailea is a dependable pump that require minimal maintenance.

Designed to run several air stones the V20 is supplied with a 4 way plastic manifold for easy splitting and fitting.

Ideally suited to DIY DWC systems, allowing you to easily run several buckets at any one time.

Hailea V Series Pump Ratings:

V20 Air Pump 4 Outlet – 20l/pm – 15 watt