Hyperfan 150mm (6″)


Best in its class – delivering the highest CFM’s per watt of any fan in the industry.

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Product Description

Hyperfan inc speed controller

The hyperfan is designed to push or pull air through carbon filters,ducting and air-cooled lights.

Hyperfans have extremely high pascal pressure outputs with up to 12% more push than the nearest competing mixed flow fan and up to 45% more than a standard centrifugal fan delivering the highest CFM’s per watt of any fan in the industry.

If your looking to increase your true airflow and dramatically reduce heat then the hyperfan is for you.

The 12 stage digital motor (4 stage in most fans) efficiently drives the fan blades, whilst only using a fraction of the electricity of analogue/typical extractor fans. These may be slightly more expensive to buy (initial outlay) but the savings you will see on electricity in the first year alone more than makes up for this.

Smaller and quieter than the average fan, under 2kg and 150mm entire length (6 Inch Fan), these fans produce less heat, vibration, noise and as mentioned, use almost half the power of a standard fan.

Hyperfans produce a smooth, ultra efficient and low vibration air flow. Other benefits include minimal wear/upkeep, improved reliability and a vastly better lifespan.

  • 6 inch / 150mm
  • 535  m3/hr
  • 35 Watts.