isomax 250mm

Isomax Acoustic Fan 250mm 1480m3/hr


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Product Description

The Isomax Acoustic Fans incorporate high quality and high air movement

The ISOMAX Acoustic fans are designed with a powerfull high-quality motor that runs extremely quiet while moving very large amounts of air. The ISOMAX Fan has a thick layer of insulating foam lining around the inside, providing excellent sound protection.

  • Lightweight ISOMAX fans can be installed in locations that may be unsuitable for acoustic box fans
  • Two built in hanging fittings allow for easy and quick installation
  • The 3-speed fan-controller offers the ability to adjust the air flow
  • Provide added flexibility and saving money on additional fan-controller units
  • Overheating is prevented by a built in thermal switch
  • 3-Speed 330 – 380 – 430 m3/hr

The ISOMAX Acoustic fans are highly reliable, durable and extremley quiet giving you added security with excellent build quality.