lighthouse white 5m

LightHouse ULTRALUX Flat Black White – 10m Roll


provides high levels of reflection and diffusion.

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Product Description

Lighthouse ULTRALUX Flat White White Sheeting is a very high standard quality sheeting made from Low Density Polythene (LLDPE) Material.

The matt white coating on one side offers the grower the best in light diffusion. The LightHouse ULTRALUX Flat Black White sheeting provides better heat dispersal than silver alloy coated sheeting. ULTRALUX is a premium range of light sheets from LightHouse that offers higher performance over other brands.

Flat White White is a popular choice compared to the silver alloy coated alternatives as you get better heat dispersal with the White option. The material is completely washable to make sure you can keep your environment clean.

  • Can be used to seperate grow rooms
  • Made from high quality materials ( LLDPE )
  • Can be used on the floor and walls
  • Better heat dispersal than silver sheeting