Lumatek Adjustalite Reflector


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Product Description

The Lumatek Adjust-a-lite Horticultural HID Reflector is a fully-adjustable parabolic-winged reflector which has been designed to control light spread and intensity helping to make the most efficient use of grow light by making it possible to focus and spread the light onto your crops in any grow area situation.

The Hammertone aluminium wings can be adjusted to widen or narrow the spread of light depending on requirement, making it possible to direct grow light into previously unproductive crop areas.

 When adjusted to wide settings, it may be positioned near to the plants ensuring maximum light intensity and area coverage.
 Alternatively the reflector may be adjusted to narrower settings and positioned proportionally further away from the plant canopy to suit the light and heat requirements of sensitive plants or more sensitive stages of growth.
Fully adjustable parabolic-winged reflector
Control light spread and intensity for any situation
Rated for use with lamps up to 600Watts
2m power lead with IEC connector.