lumii air cooled kit tube

Lumii 400w Digita Air Cooled Kit

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-Lumii digital 400w ballast
-5″ air cooled reflector
-400w HPS lamp

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Product Description

Lumii digita adjustable electronic ballast

The LUMII DIGITA ECO ballast is a fully electronic ballast. This technology is micro-processor controlled and works at higher frequency than the standard magnetic ballast meaning you get more light to your plants. it is also more efficient meaning more output per watt of energy consumed.

The LUMII DIGITA ballast is fully dimmable and also has a boost setting for each lamp size so you can take full control of the light output.

  • Wattage – 400w plus 400w boost
  • Technology – Fully Electronic
  • Case – Metal Alloy
  • Cable – 2 meters
  • Voltage 240v
  • Amps – 1.8A

PowerPlant Aerotube Reflector

The PowerPlant Aerotube is the latest inline air-cooled reflector. This innovative reflector when used with an extraction fan will allow air to be forced over the lamp to greatly reduce temperatures .

The PowerPlant Aerotube comes in 3 sizes 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and features a built in lamp holder along with a 2 piece external reflector and a 4m long cable.

Multiple Aerotubes can be mounted in line with the use of either 125mm, 150mm or 200mm ducting.

  • 3 sizes 125mm, 150mm and 200mm
  • Reduced temperatures
  • Toughened Glass
  • Built in lamp holder
  • External reflector for maximum light output and spread
  • 4 meter cable included

The Lumii Sunblaster

  • Tube inflated Crystal glass offers consistant thickness allowing more even light output
  • Mixed spectrum output with raised bleu levels
  • spectratech technology – increased PAR output
  • 400w
  • 32,000 hours life
  • Colour temperature 2000k
  • Lumen output 56,000

Additional Information

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