Mammoth Gavita ELITE HC G1 2.4m Tall Grow Tent


Mammoth Gavita ELITE HC G1 2.4m Tall Grow Tent


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Product Description

The Mammoth Gavita tents are designed specifically to be used in conjunction with the Gavita 1000w full fixtures, available for either one or two 1000w Gavita lights.

The rectangular shape of the Mammoth tents is the perfect to make the most of the footprint of the Gavita . These tents tower over the usual 200cm tents at either 215cm or 240cm high. This extra height allows you to hang the Gavita lights at their suggested distance of 90cm without compromising the height of your canopy. Gavita Grow Tents are quality built and are easily constructed by one person and come with a fully water-proof lining to contain any spillages that may occur and a thick light proof outer cover to stop any light leakages.

The design of the tent and positioning of air and cable ports makes installing the Gavita lights and a fan and filter kit easy however you want them positioned. The inner lining of the Mammoth tent is a highly reflective dimpled mylar surface to make the most of the intense light emitted by the Gavita light. The poles that hold up the Mammoth Gavita tents are 22mm thick so you can trust it to hold up heavy filter kits.

  • 100% water proof floor
  • The ultimate in quality for the professional grower
  • 22mm heavy duty frame with steel poles
  • High reflective mylar lined inside
  • easy access door, with jam-proof / waterproof zipper and waterproof floor
  • Tent height –  2.40m (7.9ft)
  • Easy one person assembly
  • Light proof design
  • Heavy duty frame, corners and fabric, with stainless steel / aluminium click system
  • Dual multiple intake and extraction socks
  • Equipment tubes that have a 75kg load load capacity
  • Washable material inside and out

Mammoth Elite HC Gavita G1
Suitable for: 1 x Gavita 1000W DE fixture
L x D x H: 1.1M x 1.8M x 2.40M

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