Maxibright Digilight 600w Light Kit

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Product Description

Intelligent digital ballasts with cooling fins to dissipate heat from the components for cool operation. Developed with efficiency and safety in mind, this range of Maxibright DigiLights incorporate all of their in-built software including end of lamp life detection for the most technologically advanced ballast on the market. Maxibright DigiLights are available in 150W, 250W, 400W and 600W options.


Key Features:

  • Soft start technology, increasing lamp life
  • RF shielded
  • Flying lead with IEC connection
  • Rubber mounting feet
  • Proven reliability
  • Runs high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps

The Maxibright Euro reflector is one of the most popular reflectors available due to it’s simple design, affordability and the growing results it achieves.

The Euro reflector is a wide angle, open ended, double parabolic reflector which is manufactured from highly reflective anodised aluminium.


  • Double parabolic with centre V shape
  • Rounded corners
  • Hammered dimpled highly reflective Aluminium
  • 5m Power cable for greater flexibility
  • Adjustable lamp holder
  • Can be used with high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps


  • High Pressure Sodium lamp.
  • Stimulates enhanced flowering.
  • Plant Growth Specific.
  • Fully compatible with Electronic and Digital ballasts.
  • 600W Sunmaster