Oxypot 4 DWC Grow System

4 pot oxypot

Oxypot 4 DWC Grow System



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Product Description

The Oxypot 4 DWC Hydroponic System by Nutriculture are popuar because there’s no timer, very little media and the root growth is exceptional so very easy to use.

Plants are placed in the Oxypot net pots with clay pebbles and the roots hang down into the growing chamber where they have constant access to nutrient solution.

The air pump and 4 air stones in the chamber create an oxygen-rich environment which results in faster, healthier root growth for bigger plants.

Kit Contains

  • Reversible lid for the veg and flower stage
  • Air pump
  • Air line
  • 4 golf ball air stones
  • Mesh baskets
  • Full instructions