Plant Vitality Killermite Concentrate 250ml


Plant Vitality Killermite Concentrate 250ml


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Product Description


Killermite is licensed, approved, regulated and a professional product, for professional growers.
The only solution for a total wipe-out of aphids, spider mite eggs and larvae,
Re-infestation will only occur through re-introduction or failure to spray correctly on the first occurrence.
For best use, spray not only plants upper and lower leaves, but substrate and indeed growing room or area.
Killermite is none systemic meaning it will not leach in to your product, this makes it safe to use very close until harvest.

  • Plant Vitality Killermite is the only replacement for PV+
  • The ultimate prevention and treatment tool for spidermite,
  • Unlike alternative methods, this kills, eggs, larvae and mites in one go
  • Can destroy entire colonies with one application

Available in: 250ml