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Product Description

REVOLUTION DEva Silent Square Wave 630w CMH Horticultural Lighting System.

The REVOLUTION DEva 1000w HPS system is the undeniable champion of horticultural high-tech in industrial DE’s but it’s not the optimal choice for every grow. That’s why we’ve used the same energy saving Silent Square Wave technology in another RevMicro first to bring you a quality-built dual lamp 630w CMH.

With its compact, and low profile design the DEva CMH brings aerospace grade performance to even limited growing spaces with lower ceilings. We’ve created a superior design with performance and not profit in mind. Our double elliptical reflector design creates a more even light distribution with less light wasted on the ceiling and walls.

Almost all horticultural CMH lights come from one of three factories in China and are pretty much all the same, performance wise. Why would you purchased a copy of a copy with a 3 year part life, stamped metal and uninspired value engineering that produces less light while using more power? Other DE CMH ballast just can’t compete with our aerospace grade design, 36 Year part life with and MORE light using LESS electricity.

Paired with our all digital controller, capable of handling 512 lights in two separate zones, there is no better performing or designed lighting and control system on the planet.

Pioneering indoor horticulturalists have historically been forced to mix and match different components, often sourced from several manufacturers and suppliers, to create a complete indoor horticultural lighting system. Fortunately, thanks to DEva, those days are behind us.

DEva is a completely integrated, plug n’ play, no-compromise plant lighting solution. Our state-of-the-art, low-frequency square wave electronic ballast is built right into the reflector. The reflector houses a pair of 315w CMH lamps.

  • Comes with 2 CMH Lamps ( choice of 3k or 4k )
  • First and only Silent Squarewave® electronic ballast
  • Surge protected, computer controllable, generator safe
  • HumidiGuard™ epoxy coated electronics for long life
  • 97% reflective