Rhino Pro Kit 250mm x 600mm Single Speed High Power


Rhino Pro Kit 250mm x 600mm Single Speed High Power


Fan: Rhino Single speed High Power
Filter: 250mm x 600mm
Ducting: 5 meter silver

  • Description

Product Description

Rhino Pro 250mm Single speed 5m Silver Kit includes:

  • Rhino 250 mm Single speed fan – A robust and maintenance-free fan that allows the grower to ventilate their grow room in an efficient manner with a minimum amount of noise.
  • Rhino Pro Filter 250 x 600  – The Rhino Pro Filter is constructed from Australian-mined RC412 carbon, the best in the world. The carbon is tightly packed and sealed into a high-efficiency airflow cylinder with a vortex cone in the base and a custom pore surface for maximum transference. The high-porosity carbon and lightweight aluminium make the Rhino filter easier to handle.
  • Rhino Silver Aluminum Ducting –  Strong aluminium ducting with a steel wire spiral internal frame: a cost effective solution for ventilation systems where noise is not an issue. Manufactured to strict European standards. 5 metre length.
  • Rhino Clamps – Jubilee style clamps for connecting ducting to filters and ventilation systems. High quality and Rhino branded,clamps are supplied in packs of two.

Rhino 250 mm Single speed Fan comes wired and are ready to be used from the box.

  • Single Speed ( fan speed controller available separately)
  • Can be installed in any position
  • Maintenance-free and reliable
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • Max Airflow: 1180m3 / Hour