RVK Systemair 100mm (4″)


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Product Description

The RVK fan series is designed specifically for use as a inline or extraction fan. The casing is manufactured from pa6 fibreglass reinforced plastic which offers minimal air leakage and a tough outer casing. humid room applications of the fan are possible, thanks to the airtight casing and ip44 rated terminal box.

The RVK fans have backward curved blades and external rotor motors. the mounting clamp facilitates easy installation and removal and prevents the transfer of vibration to the duct or mounting surface.

All RVK fans can be speed controlled via a fan speed controller.

Max airflow – 175 m3/hr

If you would like to calculate the size of the fan you need follow this simple method:

  • Measure the Height, Length and Width (in metres) of the growing environment.
  • Multiply together (H x L x W) to give the cubic meter volume.
  • Multiply this figure by 60.
  • This is the size of fan required to change the air 60 times in 1 hour.
  • Purchase the fan with a bigger airflow if possible to allow for your filter and to ensure adequate ventilation.

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