See Ya Mite 1 Litre ( spidermite killer )


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Product Description

See Ya Mite is a natural product that tackles the problem of spidermite. The non-biological and environmentally friendly product improves leaf colour, plant vitality while controlling a wide range of pests.

  • Treats fungicide, controls spider mites and their eggs
  • All natural and environmentally friendly
  • unique herbal formula that leaves no residue
  • 100% organic
  • Spray application ( can also be used in foggers )
  • Effective against powdery mildew
  • Can be used up until 2 weeks prior to harvest
  • Effective in just 24 hours

See ya mite will control

  • spider mite
  • two spotted spider mites
  • aphids
  • white fly
  • black fly