Sunmaster 600w Dual Spectrum Lamp


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Product Description

Only SUNMASTER designs and manufactures a complete range of lamps with spectral outputs tailored to specic plant growth needs. Sunmaster lamps promote higher levels of photosynthesis and are customised for various growth cycle changes.

SUNMASTER provides richer more nutritious light and enables reliable, climate control guarding against weather fluctuations.

Both the HPS and MH Lamps use the same control gear for ease of conversion so lamps can simply be changed to maximise growth potential.

At different times in the growing cycle, plants require different types of light radiation. Immature plants have different needs to those about to mature. To maximise the potential of a plant, to ensure that it grows strong and healthy, you need to deliver just he right kind of light radiation it needs – when it needs it.

The NEW Sunmaster Dual Spectrum lamp is a radically new, scientifically developed lamp designed for the commercial and hobby grower. Using the new Dual Spectrum lamps – which are fully compatible with your existing fittings and ballasts – you can deliver improved blue and red light to your plants at the crucial stages in their development. And it’s so simple to do.

  • 90,000 lumens output