Systemair Silenced Revolution Vector EC Fan 250mm ( 10 inch )


Systemair Silenced Revolution Vector EC Fan 250mm ( 10 inch )


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Product Description

The Revolution Silenced fan is a class apart, the most efficient fans on the market are then wrapped in an engineered silenced body. The specially designed acoustic body and the acoustic foam halves the noise of the standard fan without reducing the powerful air flow. Our silenced fans are engineered to be sealed, powerful and silent.
The Revolution Vector is the EC version of the fan, using state of the art EC technology. More powerful and over 50% more efficient than AC motors. No humming or buzzing at low speeds. These fans are the most efficient powerful duct fans of their size. They can be precisely controlled with EC Controller.

The Revolution silenced fan is the ultimate in silenced fans. Systemair designed and developed the quietest most efficient fan on the market and then wrapped it in a purposely designed acoustic housing.

The white acoustic foam is specially designed to absorb noise without restricting the air flow. The foam is certified for use in air acoustics applications and does not absorb moisture or dust.

  • Sealed housing so no possible leaks
  • Superior performance and air flow
  • The most efficient fan is now the quietest
  • Fully serviceable
  • Maintenance free and reliable quality – made in Germany
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Technical data of the Revolution Silenced Vector 250 EC
Max Air Flow – 2077 m3/hr
Max Air Flow with filter – 1610 m3/hr
Pressure Drop with filter pa – 172

NOTE: You will need to use this fan in conjunction with a G.A.S. EC fan speed controller. The G.A.S. Fan speed controller can regulate multiple fans using the Y-Splitters, it will regulate the fans at the same output levels. If you intend to run an intake / extraction set-up, it is recommended that you use a smaller fan for your intake than for your extraction, which will maintain negative pressure in the room, preventing unwanted odours from escaping. A balancer unit is available that allows you to regulate fans at different output percentages, which is useful if you want to use an intake fan that’s the same size as your extraction fan.